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​​​Holistic Education

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Our schedules are created with an understanding that your schedule is pretty full already.  Each program runs either two days a week or two weekends per month.  If scheduling or distance are in the way of following your dreams, distance training is available to learn the work at your own pace on your own schedule. Contact us to learn more.

If you have a dream of facilitating healing through holistic therapies; we have the program you have been looking for. Energy is the foundation of all of our programs.  Some students come through the door with a background in massage, nursing, psychology, polarity or reiki; while others come in to begin their studies in the holistic field.

If you have a desire to learn hypnosis, digestive analysispolarity therapy, or BARS "Access Consciousness®."; we offer affordable pricing, flexible scheduling, and payment plans to support you in getting there.

Most of our students begin with one program and soon learn they want to acquire the skills to work with more clients. The Integrated Health Management program includes hypnosis, digestive analysis, and polarity. This program provides students with the skills to address many different challenges; emotional, physical, and spiritual.

Read what some of our students have to share about their experience.

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Tina Brigitini, CICH, RPP brings to you an integration of energy based therapies with over sixteen years in education. Read more....

Founder and Instructor

Our Mission: To provide inspiration to all students for the integration of  holistic therapies to support a thriving practice.


Since we opened our doors in 2005, the Learning Center has been helping students fulfill their true potential. We do this through lecture, demonstration, and practical application.